Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Day! Another Quilt!

I took the quilt I was working on for my four year old great-nephew, with me when we all went for our little outing to the museum Friday. When we returned to Mom's home later in the day, I proceeded to finish tacking it, in hopes of giving it to Richard that day(which didn't happen).As I was tacking it, we were telling him that this would be his quilt to replace the one the lady(the story is in one of my previous posts) had came by and picked up a few days ago. He had spent the last 4 years snuggling up on that quilt whenever it was nap time at his Grandmother's home. That, to him, was his quilt.And now it's gone.Well, he let me know real quick that he preferred his quilt to have more red in it, in place of the orange, I had used in the one I was tacking for him. After a little discussion with his Grandmother, we decided that we would give the quilt with the orange in it, to Richard's middle brother,DJ. He has never had a quilt made just for him. His older brother,Mikey, being the first born, had a quilt of his very own when he was very small. It has been added on to several times since he is now 18. We agreed that it was only fitting that DJ have his very own quilt,too. After all, he is now 12.Mom thought,perhaps, we were spoiling the kids a little too much,by giving in to his request to make him another quilt, but I need to move the material, and it gives me a little more incentive to put another quilt together, if I thought someone was out there, patiently waiting for "their own special quilt".It does my heart good to know that I have made something so special for one of the children in the family. Hopefully, Richard and DJ will cherish their quilts as much as their brother, Mikey, has.Both should be finished shortly.

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