Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look What I Found!

I found this giant strawberry(the real one in the front of the dish) this morning amongst my flowers. I guess that all the Miracle Grow I have put on this bed since last season paid off. If only I hadn't chopped out all the rest of the strawberries.I have never had much luck with growing big strawberries. Big enough to worry with anyway.
I grow lots of small ones around the yard for the kids to pick and eat , but I get my freezer jam berries from the Amish.Dumb, I know. but it is more work than I care to put into them, since I have so much to do otherwise.These are the size I usually fine in the yard. I did find enough today for Pop and I to laddle over the Strawberry cake(with a huge dollop of whipped cream) that, our grand daughter, Leah, made Sunday while she was here. Since finding this one huge berry, though, I may try one more time. I have already transplanted a bed of about 25 berries this spring in hopes of trying once more. This just convinces me for sure to give it another try. I'll just use more Miracle Grow, more often on the berries throughout the entire season.I read somewhere, sometime ago, that 25 plants would bear enough berries to feed a family of two.I'll see if that's true, if all goes well.If I post this goal for myself, maybe I will come closer to attaining it.
(P.S. Vicki, those blooms are from Dad's Peony in Mom's front yard.They were beautiful again this year.)


  1. I do just love peonies!! Don't they have the most wonderful scent?? I remember when we had them on the farm...love you...until later...V

  2. Mmm, can't wait till strawberry season again. I grew 3 in pots last year and had a pretty good run. They liked the worm castings I'd give them as fertilizer, and I never let them dry out.

    Great idea for the tray too, in your last post.