Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Ready for The Big Move

I am getting behind on my blogging. I had wanted to post some pictures of the mother wren while she was raising her babies, but things get so busy around here this time of the year. Hopefully, I will get the story about the wrens posted later. Stacey(my baby sister) has gone to work for Walmart. She is helping with all the rearranging and remodeling the store is doing.I think their goal is to finish off making us all crazier than we already are. Like we needed any help. But now that she(mom's usual right hand man)is tied up,we all need to help out a little more.I went to Mom's to lend a hand where ever needed, but today Mom and I went to help out my older sister, Mary,wash down the walls of a mobile home that one of our brothers and his new family will be moving into on Friday of this week. He will be purchasing the mobile home and moving his new family to Ky. from West Virginia. He has not lived in Ky., since 1972.He just turned 53 and he has not lived here since he was about 15, so we are so happy to have him home,even though we are sorry he did have to make some major changes in his life to get here.So Welcome Home to Terry, Kim, Dakota, and Mikiah.(I think Mary got a snapshot or two of some of the work we were doing, but I didn't get to see any of the shots, so I'm dreading seeing what she posts, when or if she does.)(The pictures are of Terry, one of a set of twins, and his new wife,Kim, and the other is of Kim and her two boys working on a craft while visiting our home.)

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