Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Moon Flower of the Season

I figure it opened about 8 p.m. last night, but we were too busy to notice.That's really sad when you consider the fact that we are both retired. We are busy people. Always something going on at this house. Not a lot of time for birdwatching or flower watching, either, for that matter, but we do slip in a few minutes on occasion. We built a porch around 3 sides of our house, just so we can watch such things. The garden grow, the deer graze with their young, the turkeys passing through with their new babies, an occasional coyote,a squirrel pillaging grain from the hen house,a rare glimpse of a bobcat. No bear yet, but they're in Ky., so maybe that's just around the corner.Some mornings we get to see the fog roll in or the sun rise, or set.The grandson and I set out lots of evenings when he is staying over, just to see all the airplanes and jets passing overhead after dark. He loves finding a moving light in the sky at night.That's how he knows it's not a star, but an aircraft.We usually take our 'blankies' and our hot chocolate and sit out on the porch swing until we decide it's bedtime.It's turned into a routine with him. Pop says it's a ploy to avoid bedtime, and I figure he's right, but it's "our special thing to do together". John's sister is 5 years older, and he's heard her tell stories of "the special things we do together", so I think he just wants something special to do with Meemaw when he's here.The time is coming when they will be too old to spend"special time with Meemaw and Pop".They will have their friends who will monopolize their time doing teen ager things with them.Then they'll start driving, and be gone to whereever teen agers hang out,showing off their parents wheels.Then they be off to a job,we hope, then off to college.So maybe we are be too busy to catch the eight o'clock showing of the opening of the first moon flower of the season, but I'm sure there will be plenty of others to follow. Maybe we'll get lucky and catch a few of them.

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