Thursday, May 27, 2010

Please,Please,Please! Let It Be True!

I hope I am not jumping the gun or jinxing myself by telling you this, but I don't think Terry is the only family moving into a new home. I think I have Purple Martins moving into their new home. HERE AT MY HOUSE!I have been working in the yard for a few hours early this morning, while it was cool enough to get your breath,and the Martins were busily checking out my gourds. Most days, they visit for about 5 minutes, but this morning, they have stayed. I went inside to cool off and get some Gatorade to replenish my electrolytes, and post a few stories on my blog, and behold, when I went back out, around noon or so, they were still there. By golly, I think they're here to stay this time. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though. They are a strange lot.

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