Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh Spring!

Oh Spring!
Why must you go so soon? How I would love for you to stay a little longer.The site of the fresh new growth of green grass;
The fruit trees all aglow with their blossoms, getting ready for another bountiful season of fruit;

The spring flowers wearing their best atire for all the passersby to admire;
The iris in every color, the peony,the primroses,the mock orange, the roses,the carnations, the phlox,the money plant, the tulips, the hyacinths,the columbine, the clematis,the illium,the yarrow to name a few;

They have waited a whole year to show their beautiful faces once more, if only for a little while.

Summer comes so quickly with it's long hot days. All the beautiful colors will be gone until another Spring.

If only you knew how much I will miss your beautiful colors all around me as I work in my yard all summer long.

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