Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh Where,Oh Where Have the Little Birds Gone?

I suppose it's possible the oil spill in the Gulf has affected the birds migration pattern, even here. That has to be the reason so many of my hummingbirds have not returned. And my 2 Purple Martins. They have not been seen for 3 days.I was so sure the one pair that had visited for 3 days and nights, were here to stay,but no.They are nowhere to be seen.What could I possibly be doing wrong. I guess I want them so badly, it's kinda like getting pregnant or warts. If I would simply forget about it completely, it will happen.Stress affects a lot of things.Maybe the birds can sense my stress.I know dogs can do such things.If we only knew the secret to solving all the problems in the world, I doubt we would be using it on such trivial things as birds.(Sorry,little birds.I don't really think you are trivial, but in the grand scheme of things, others might think so.) I do love my birds.I think it might be a age thing.Bird watching just seems to go hand in hand with sitting on the front porch swing with a morning or evening cup of coffee.

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