Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Amish Fascinate Me!
This is a link to the book giveaway on the Amish of New York studies by Karen Johnson Weiner.
The Amish way of life fascinates me because.......
I grew up very simple. We lived a lot like the Amish of today live. It fascinates me that they have so much willpower to continue in such a way, when the rest of the world is going on around them in our modern ways. You have to respect anyone who has that much willpower, and accomplishes as much as they do.I guess they have their family problems the same as everyone else, but the families all work together for a common cause whether it be for work or to help a fellow Amish out in time of sickness. We have heard from some of our Amish friends that when one member of the group has a huge hospital bill to pay, many of them chip in to pay the bill. Now how many families do you know of our regular "English" people,would do that?They have some ways that are definitely different from ours,but over all, you have to admire and respect them.


  1. I also like to watch the Amishes, they do fascinate me also. Would love to just set on the porch and talk to them, i think that would be pretty neat.

  2. Hi Sawn - I have the same type of post on my blog from yesterday since I also read Amish
    America blog. The area I am moving to is a large Mennonite community, and the folks that I have met so far are wonderful people. There is a blog you might be interested in called Maple Valley Off-grid Farms. They are an English family of 8 living as the Amish do on their 40 acre farm in MI - they didn't convert to the Amish as far as religious faith, but are living as their Amish neighbors in that they are farming with horses, etc. You can also follow them on Facebook. I, too, have been fascinated by the Amish/Mennonite community for years, and am glad now that I have a chance to live in their way, sort of - although I will not be farming, but the home I am renting was built by the Mennonites. Thank you for your post today. Take care, from Fayette Co KY.

  3. I love the Amish people and their old path lifestyle....I think I would fit in perfectly....blessings

  4. Their culture and way of life is quite fascinating...but I think the fact is that they have stayed true to their believes, without wavering this way and that.

    Oh, they have their problems...but they seem to work them out within themselves and still...their unity is the thread that binds them together.

    be blessed!

  5. I don't think we have any Amish communities here in Australia, I keep hearing about them on the web though, as sources of raw milk and good produce, due to their growing methods.