Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Rocks!

This is some of the aluminum roofing that I begged Pop to let me keep, when he was taking a load of metals to the recyclers. I had an idea I could find some way to use it in my crafts.This is not the greatest creation, but, it's a start.Hopefully as I use my creativeness more and more, it will improve. It's kinda like a sponge that has been allowed to dry out.It can be revived to it's former state with a little help.I hope that's true with my creative abilities. They have appeared to have dried up.

This is the type of thing I use to do with my many bulletin boards when I worked with the Food Service. I would use lots of cut outs and pictures to promote our meals and good nutrition habits. It was one of my favorite elements of my job, along with the bread making and experimenting with various dishes,but as time went by, there was not enough hours in the day to do all the paperwork and all the things which I had enjoyed for so many years.I do miss that, so I thought I would bring some of my tools back out and use some of my ideas on my blog.


  1. Those pumpkins are really neat, sawn - I like the looks of the corrugated metal, it just gives the pumpkins a more textured look. Good job, and I'm glad you're rediscovering your crafting skills - that is just a neat thing to do, work with your hands to create something beautiful. Take care, from Fayette Co KY.

  2. Thank you for all your lovely comments - always. Fall is my favorite time of year & I love your pumpkins!