Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Latest Recycled Project

Pop and I had an eyeglass appointment and a luncheon to attend in town last night, so while we were killing a little time, I persuaded him to stop by the Peddler's Mall.He hardly ever goes into those kind of places, unless it is with some of the fellows. I always thought it would be nice if he would go with me sometime, so I have got him to visit 2 with me in the last month or so. Maybe there's hope of him going back again soon.Nevertheless, I browsed through a few booths.There were too many to see during the time we had to kill, but I got a few ideas of things I would like to make. Don't tell anyone, but that is the main reason I like to go. To Get Ideas.I had found a cloth napkin during one of my visits,that was made of the type of fabric folks are using for the Primitive pieces,I think.I thought I might find some way to use it.I had an 8 X 10 frame, made of barn lumber, which I had tried to use in a project, but turned out, I wasn't satisfied with it.So I pulled both pieces out and proceeded to make a framed verse. I didn't have the right material to finish up the wording for it, but I went ahead and fixed a verse on paper just to see if I would like it.I think I will like it fine once I have the material and lettering I want to use for the finished product.I had an old letter and key holder, that wasn't suiting me any longer, so I took the little hooks off of it and used them on my frame. Now I have a nice versed piece and a key holder combination. I like it much better than the 2 previous items I began with.Now that's what I call recycling!


  1. I love to go to our Peddler's Mall. But, I end up buying odd pieces that I love. Your piece looks great, very creative.

  2. Sue , the picture is very cute and it is primitive looking! Enjoy our little talk we had and thanks again for the flower. Can't wait to see your barn quilt project. Catch you later!