Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am very frustrated, upset, mad, disillusioned,and down right pissed off at my phone and Internet service. I pay dearly for their service, and this past few months, it has been ridiculous.

I had a whole page typed up on my frustrations, and the service conveniently went down again and I lost it all.

That will not stop me.

We had the phone company come to the house, and look things over. They say it was a broken line here in my yard. They replaced that, and the service still has not improved.The Internet keeps going down when I am trying to use it. Thank God, I don't earn my living with the Internet. We would starve.It amazes me how they can go to the moon, but they cannot install decent phone service that works.It appears I will need to stop blogging for awhile, in hopes they will get the problem resolved.I am not holding my breath. I only wish we had a second choice in phone service providers in my area. I would gladly give them a try.Maybe if I withhold my payment for a few months,that would get their attention, but then maybe they would disconnect me entirely from any service at all. I don't have a lot of choices, do I?Maybe they have Satellite Telehone and Internet Service in my area. I guess I'll need to do some investigating.


  1. hugs to you! that really stinks. hope things can get worked out!

  2. aaarrr but did your country go to the moon or was it a hoax filmed in the arizona desert?? lol.
    hope it gets sorted soon, i know how frustrating it can be. touch wood ours seems to be ok at the moment, but its a problem all over the world.

  3. Oh, too too annoying! I detest it when the net goes down (hardly ever, but I am bereft when it does)