Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Worries Are Endless!

Thanks, Sara for the information on BPA. I have always been so proud of my preserving, since it was nearing on a dying art there for awhile.Now we are to learn of BPA. There is no end to such things that we are breathing or ingesting that we know nothing about.Then we wonder why we are all dying of so many strange diseases.I don't suppose it was meant for us to live forever, but to have these things thrust upon us, without our knowledge,by companies who know the truth, but would rather reap the harvest,being our money, rather than inform us of these health related concerns.Then let us decide whether we want to use this product or wait for a safer alternative.

I, like many others, have canned my family's food for years, and take great pride in doing so,all the while, thinking we were much safer by doing so.I have just recently converted to the Tattler lifetime plastic lids with rubber rings, thinking I would save a little money,not even knowing of the BPA risk with the metal lids.Tattler lids are BPA free.

I have become more concerned lately about the plastic containers I have been storing my foods in. Plastic containers are getting so much bad press,one doesn't know what to believe. I am beginning to be very worried about using it for storing anything we are to eat.The folks across the big water seem to be trying more and more to eliminate lots of these products, and I feel they are on the right track. It will be rough at first, but as time goes by, hopefully it will be like recycling. It is like second nature to me. I would not be afraid to say I recycle 90%of my total household garbage.

Any time one has to change the way they do things,especially as we get older, it is difficult, but most usually, after the change has been made, and you grow accustom to doing things in the new way, you wonder why you resisted the change so adamantly, in the first place.Change usually makes things better, in more ways than we want to admit.I suppose resisting change is our nature. We are creatures of habit.

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