Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Many Projects,So Little Time!

With Summer coming to an end, and the days are getting shorter and cooler,I find myself staying in a lot more. I love working outdoors, when the grass is green and needs mowing every few days,and there's a constant parade of different flowers blooming day after day, but when the leaves begin to fall, and the grass turns brown, and flowers begin to fade,I am just as content in my home, puttering through my many collections of crafting supplies,trying to decide what I will tackle today.The choices are endless. Today I took on a project that may seem silly to many, but I found it most satisfying.I have so many "rags" in the laundry at all times. I decided I wanted to do away with some of them. Some were cheap wash cloths that were too small and scratchy for bathing.Some were simply tea towels that were wearing thin.Some were bath towels I had torn up to use for cleaning cloths.No matter,there were lots of them. I got this hair brained idea to make drip pads for my dishes while they drain, so I have made a couple of those. I lay them in a cookie sheet pan beside my sink when I am doing my dishes with my homemade dish cloth and my home made dish liquid. It is so gratifying to use these "things I have made", rather than bought.Then I decided to put two of the scratchy wash cloths together, with a pretty top and bottom piece of cloth and make hot pads. I made a few of those.I find the need to stretch my legs on occasion, so I went to the basement and painted a few pieces.I had been gathering in all of the pieces of cans of paint,getting ready for my winter crafts.I stumbled across a can of Barn Red paint. I find I love that color.I was so happy to find it. It was a can from way back when T.G.& Y. was in business.It had their label. They have been out of business forever.However, I began painting everything I could find that needed painting. I think that is my new favorite color.I have painted quite a collection of Barn Red items, which I will show at a later date. The little pumpkin pin cushions in the picture,I made while watching Mrs. DoubtFire, a night or two ago. I can't believe I had never seen that movie before.I used some remnants of felt to piece together the little pumpkins, and the stuffing was made from strips of rolled up wool fabric, that no one uses any more to make winter suits.I inherited a huge amount of it from the librarian at the school where I worked. She use to wear a lot of those wool suits.It works great in the cute little pin cushions.I love doing all of these things, but these small projects don't move many of my supplies along fast enough.I need some relief from my collections of supplies. Hopefully, this winter, I will make more quilts and move some fabric that way.I'm not holding my breath on that idea though.You know,"The best made plans of mice and men....."


  1. I like the quilt idea. Make sure you take some pictures.

  2. Cool stuff Sawn- I like the hot pad idea. I use old blue jean legs on one side & pretty fabric on the other but the wash cloth idea for the inside is good. I have to fold mine in half just to use them. Thanks

  3. nice story, just relaxing "listening" to tales of everyday activities. its nice being a girl isnt it, doing girly projects and crafts. not to say that men cant sit around and sew and knit but we can talk about it together and share ideas and be inspired, couldnt see my man talking with mates about making dish cloths etc lol. im glad im a female

  4. What great ideas! I may have to steal some come winter. You are right, fall and winter are great for getting the craft supplies out and creating. You are so talented -- I'm jealous! :)

  5. I love how handy, creative, and resourceful you are...your projects always inspire me! I especially love that cute pumpkin!

    Thanks as always for your kind and encouraging words to me - I appreiate it more than you can know!!

    Here's to a Fall full of creative pleasures!

    Hugs & Blessings,