Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Lion lays down with the Lamb!

Well, it's not exactly a lion and a lamb, but close. Not the best shot,either, but I wanted to get them in the act. The chick raised it's head up as I came close enough to snap the picture, but it had been sleeping, too.

I keep the chick in a terrarium of sorts till it is big enough to put outdoors in a cage,although I did have it outside in a cage for awhile today.The chick and the cats are good friends as long as the glass wall is between them. I saw Lucky and Minnie sleeping next to the chick, so I put them each something soft there for their nap. They use them quite often.I don't want to try removing the wall dividing them just yet, but I'll bet as the chick grows into a big chicken, they will still be friends.At least, that's what I'm hoping.You never know. They might be the best of Bed Fellows even then. Strange things have happened with the animal world.I had a newborn pig once that we raised on a Beagle hound who was nursing her young at that time. I have a picture some where still.I haven't thought of it for years though, so it would take me awhile to locate the picture.

The grandchildren were both here today, so I know the chick and both cats are ready for a nice long nap, as am I.


  1. Aww, lovely picture, I wish we had some chicks (and chickens) here, the kids would love them.

  2. Cute picture! I had all of my grands this week in, and they went home last night. Have a good week. connie