Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Bird Seed Gets A New Home!

From this......

To this....

I take my recyclables to the neighboring county once a week. Some times when I do, I find something,others have taken in for recycling, that I just can't resist bringing home. It's kinda like dumpster diving, only everything in the recycle bins are clean.They won't take them, if they're not.
Well, on this particular day, I spotted this amazing jug. It is made of plastic, and had a hairline crack. I really didn't know what it was until I got it home and began to investigate.I soon figured out it was a pet watering jug, but was no longer usable for that purpose. It wouldn't hold liquid any longer.Now,the hard part. What can I do with it.My first thought was using it for storage for something dry.That's what I'll do. So I proceeded to cut the neck off, and locate a lid that would fit the new mouth of the jug.Wallah!I found a lid that fits just perfect(after I did a little whittling on it).I got out my can of Barn Red paint.You remember,my new favorite color,and began painting. I am so happy with it now. I think I might use it to store my bird seed.And I think I'll like the lid painted black. What a nice find.

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  1. Hehe, there goes the red barn paint again, it is a great colour though! Nice find!