Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Zealand Earthquake

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our New Zealand Friends today. I am not that familiar with New Zealand, but I know we have several blogger friends from there or who have family there.I hope the quake has not touched those family. Hopefully we will hear from someone from that area today, to let us know they are alright.

(These pictures were copied from the Internet.)


  1. Luckily (miraculously) there were no fatalities caused by the earthquake. There was someone who died from a heart attack a little later I think. The footage we are seeing is incredible. We are too far north to have felt it thankfully.

  2. same here sawn61, im just below the "tauranga" label on the east coast of the north island on your map there, so not affected by the shake. i grew up with earthquakes so are not afraid of them, though i havent been thru a big one. thanks for the wishes.