Friday, September 24, 2010

My Craft Of Choice!

These are a few pictures of some of the pumpkins I am making. I will make many different variations, and possibly many different finishes. I love trying new things, and maybe I will hit on some styles that appeal to others.I love making the leaves and the curly-ques. I think it adds a nice touch to the pumpkins, although it looks more like an ivy leaf.Some folks may notice that, but I just haven't taken the time to examine a pumpkin leaf that close, to see if it would be easily cut from tin.

As for my craft of choice,it depends on what day it is,how much energy I have today, have I eat too much salt, have I drank enough water,have I eat too many sweets, have I had a good solid breakfast,but not too heavy,is the weather too hot, or is it too cold,and what about the humidity and the barometric pressure.What other jobs are waiting on me and must get done today.And I mustn't forget my biorhythm.I'll need to check on that.
I must take all of this into consideration, on any given day, as to what craft I will throw myself into, head on.If I am feeling really good,I may tackle 3 or 4 crafts at once.

I made the round through the yard this a.m.and I think that helps to get the oxygen to my brain,after a good breakfast. Pop helped me to fix breakfast this morning. We had pork tenderloin,eggs,biscuits,with jelly, and coffee, so I'm good in that department.I let the chickens out into the bigger pen,fed the cats and dogs,and baby chicken in the cookie jar.It has almost outgrown the 3 gallon cookie jar, so I only leave it in there at night. During the day, he goes outside in a bigger cage.Yes,we think it is a HE.We didn't really need another rooster, but he will be such a pet after raising him with the cats, and in a cookie jar, we will have to keep him,somehow.
But back to my craft of choice. For a few days now, all I have wanted to do is make pumpkins. I guess it's the season. I really get in the mood to make crafts for whatever holiday is at hand. That's almost too late to get started, unless I am preparing them for next year.I don't understand why I do that, but I only get excited about seasonal or specific holiday crafts, during that season.


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog, el vigilante. I've found that some blogs, like yours, I need to use internet explorer to comment. Not sure why. Anyway, I'm following your blog via Google Connect. Please try to follow on my page with Google Connect. I would love to have you as a friend. :) Love the pumpkins -- Reminding me that Fall is just around the corner!!

  2. Hi sawn - thanks for your well-wishes on move tomorrow. I like your pumpkins. Julie over at Dog Trot Farm has been decorating her place in Maine for Halloween/Autumn, and a number of blog posts a while ago, she did some pumpkins by primitive rug hooking. That got me interested in learning to rug hook, which I will try and teach myself this Winter when I have some more down time. I could get creative and sketch some pictures on burlap or linen, and do my own pattern for rug hooking - but think that will be a while in the future. Hope you have a blessed and wonderful weekend. Take care, from KY.

  3. thats an interesting sounding breakfast sawn. im trying to translate as down here things arent quite the same...biscuit is a cookie so im wondering what you call a biscuit. jelly is jello but i think your jelly is our jam which would have on toast for breakfast. Are the pumpkins for your halloween or another american tradition?
    the latest generation of kiwi kids seem to be doing the trick or treat thing but halloween has never been in our culture before.

  4. thanks for the reply sue, i dont think we have anything that resembles your "Biscuit".
    on tv we here americans talking of frozen and canned cookie dough this is also very foreign, we have dry cake mix in a packet but thats about all, its something kids might use to try baking for the first time (or solo dads lol).

  5. I like the pumpkins. I always love this time of year so I can have pumpkins around the house.

  6. I love your pumpkins! Fall is my favorite time of year!