Friday, July 29, 2011

Frugal Note Papers Project

Many times I have been tempted to buy those cute little note paper tablets. The picture, the color, and/or the verses are a few of the many reason I would do that.That is so dumb. I have lots of pieces of note paper. I save every morsel of clean clear paper from envelopes to cornmeal sacks.I trim off the clearest parts and use them for notes. Usually for phone numbers or grocery items I need to remember.Now, why had I never gotten the idea for a lazy day project of sitting with my little pieces of paper and trying to cutsie them up with some of my own verses,stencils,stamps, or paints.Heaven only knows I have enough of all of those things. I will box them up and put them aside, then one day when the snow is falling out doors and I must stay in, I will have a lazy day job ready.I am so excited just thinking of what all I can do with this little project. I may even end up with a few last minute Christmas gifts from the idea.

The piece laying on the top of the little papers is the metal tearing strip from a box of tin foil.I felt it might come in handy while working with paper.Sometimes you only need a small piece to write one or two items down.Just tear it off with the little cutter.I may cutsie it up a bit,too.

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  1. We receive so many note pads from charities we contribute to -- I never run out. But I also save envelopes for note paper. :)