Friday, July 1, 2011

Good People?

I considered myself a good person. I've worked my entire life. I pay my bills on time. I help others along the way as much as possible.I don't lie or steal. I don't take advantage of the government. I obey the laws and rules of my county,state,and country.I give to the poor when needed. I'm polite in traffic.I don't abuse our resources.I don't litter.I don't waste.I recycle. I give freely to others of my time.I share my fruits and vegetables when we have an abundance of anything.I am thankful  for the good life we have. I pray for those in need of prayer for whatever reason. I help with my Mother and the Grandchildren when needed,and never charge for my services.I could go on and on listing the things that I think a good person would do.But I tell you all of this to say,"Why do bad things happen to good people?"It seems I have a book by that title. I must look it up(if it survived the fire) and re read it. It seems bad things are happening in my life at every turn lately. I have been posting about a few of them this last few weeks, and the bad things are still happening.My one rabbit ran into a piece of wire yesterday and punctured her eyeball. I came home from Mom's yesterday and proceeded to wash it thoroughly with Epsom salts water. I know Mom used that on our eyes when they were matted with cold. It let me swab it's eye, with not problem. It lay in my lap and closed the other eye,so I thought it was resting peacefully and hopefully,not in so much pain.I left it in Pop's pouting room over night.Hoping it would rest better in there out of the heat. This morning it appeared quiet, and not so active, but I thought perhaps, it was like some animals that hide away until they are better.I washed it's eye once more and returned her to my Potting Place,where she normally stayed.Two hours later, I went to check on her and she was dead. She had gotten so gentle. Every morning, when I would go out to check on everything, she would run to the door, wanting her morning rub.Both the Tom cat and the house dog do that,too.They get into that habit of the morning rub,real quick.
Later, this afternoon, while I was telling some family members, about my rabbit, Pop gave me more bad news. The second twin goat, which we had sold to a friend,was found dead.Both of the twins we raised for two years now are gone. We would go and visit the three goats,the Mother and her twins,even after we had sold them. We loved them so, but they were getting out a lot and we could not afford them causing a wreck on the road, so we decided to sell them to a friend who had loads of green pasture for them to roam and play and eat.It was a heavenly place for goats. The twins both had their first babies a few months ago and we went to visit them,too.Now we must tell the grandchildren about the rabbit and the twin goats. I am having such a hard time myself, I can't bear to think of telling them.
We have become so disheartened with all the tragic happenings with our pets, we have decided to sell the quail and several of the young roosters. Then we will only have the laying hens and Ellie Mae, and the pair of Bantams.Well, we'll still have the two cats and the two dogs, but the way things are going, who knows what could happen with them.I'll just be content to work with my yard, my garden, my flowers,and my crafts.I will be lost without my pets to care for, but it hurts too bad to loose them, when I do, and the kids do not take as much interest in them as we had hoped they would. After all, most of the pets we have, we had originally got for them.Who knew they would have no interest in them after the first five minutes After that, they were left in my care, and I get too attached.We may get other pets in time, but for now, I think we'll just enjoy the ones we have left.


  1. I've come to the conclusion that God is either bipolar or a PMS-ing woman... that explains it all. ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your losses.
    I am thinking of not having a dog for a while. We will see
    Love the previous comment

  3. That is the hard part of having pets, although it taught me to cope with death and loss at a young age. I still cry when a beloved pet dies.

  4. I'm sorry Sue, I know how hard loss is.
    I beleive all animals go to Heaven.
    Maybe if you keep that in mind it will help a little.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words ladies.