Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who should have done what?

This picture was taken several years ago.
The apple tree closest to the kids is now my only remaining original fruit tree.
I have planted a few new fruit trees, but they are still too young to bear fruit.
After reading Allison's blog over at Life of a Novice, I got to thinking about what went on at our 4th of July Pig Roast. It was held at the home of our youngest daughter.The property was previously owned,though many years ago, by a very prominent family in our area. It was the jewel of the community, at that time.It has long since lost most of it glamour, but the children hope to make some updates and do some remodeling as soon as they get their footing a little better.I'm guessing that means when they get the two grandchildren raised and through college.Nevertheless, as the huge crowd gathered for the festivities,I noticed a few children gathering in the orchard around the grand children's swing set.All of the parents were busily playing the Corn Toss game or chatting with others, or testing the Pork,or setting up the table,arranging the seating.No one seemed to notice what the children were doing.I didn't count, but I dare say there were about ten kids ranging from age six to fourteen,boys and girls alike.Their main entertainment became knocking every single pear off of the tree which was standing near the site where they had gathered. Now personally, I live for the moment my fruit is ready to be harvested,but then I only have the one apple tree,not an orchard full.No one seems to notice or even care that this game was going on. I was sick to my stomach as were a couple of other older ladies who appreciate having fruit trees as I do. It was not our house.It was not our kids. The owners didn't seem to care, so why should we speak up to the kids and make every parent at the function mad at us.No one did anything about the situation.I dare say there was not a single pear left on that tree at the end of the day,so therefore, there will be no pear preserves for me this Fall.I usually bring home a bout a half bushel or so each year to make my yearly preserves.What do you think should have been done? I know what kind of a stink is stirred up when you scold other folks kids, so would you have spoke to the kids or maybe called this to the owners attention?People are so touchy about others scolding their kids anymore, even if they know they are doing wrong.Could this be part of the problem with our youth today? It seems no one wants to speak up to the kids or their parents when everyone could see the kids re doing something wrong.


  1. That would have been a perfect teaching moment.

    "By their fruits ye shall know them."
    Every tree produces fruit according to it's kind.

    You could have gone over and asked them what kind of game they were playing first to distract them from what they were doing. Then ask if they have these kinds of trees in their yard or if they have any kind of fruit trees in their yards.

    Ask them if they like pears or have ever eaten any pears. Tell them that there aren't alot of people who have fruit growing in their yards and how fortunate this family is to have these trees.

    If you wanted to go farther you could make it into a "Sunday school" lesson about each person - like these trees produce fruit and we should all try to make sure our "fruit - behavior" is good.

    Some may have listened but at least it would have made them scatter and go find another activity.

    (See my "Think of the Children" post. Some children just need gentle teaching to point in the right direction. We are the adults and we should view all children as the future generation. There are a lot of adults who can remember that "one person" who made a real difference at just the right time in their lives. Let us each try to be "that person" to at least one child.)

    * * * * * * *

    That's my take on it....any others!!

    I'm off to get ready for work...hope your day goes well!! Love you....V

  2. I would have definitely said something Sue. And I have in the past, when no one else seemed to care. What an awful waste. What is wrong with these kids?