Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pine Knob Theater and Derby Dinner Playhouse

A while back, I went to Derby Dinner Playhouse,right across the Kentucky-Indiana line, with my older step daughter and her Husband, and a few other folks. The program we saw was "The Sound of Music."That was my first visit to that particular theater. It was an indoor show and the performers put on their program on a stage that was in the center of the entire building. There were several levels of tables where folks were seated  all around the performance floor. We had our meals first, and then, the first half of the program was performed, with a break in the middle, where folks could have the opportunity to order desserts,if they so desired,then we watched the final portion of the program.
Although I have never taken the time to develop a liking to that type of  entertainment,I did enjoy it, and would consider trying it again.I would hope that Pop would go one time and see it he could enjoy it,too, but I am most certain he would not.Unless, it were based on a Western type script.Then I got to thinking. We have our own theater at Pine Knob,Kentucky, not that far away.We had been to that  little community where the theater now stands, 25 to 30 years ago,but that was before the theater was built in 1987.This year, they are celebrating 25 years since their grand opening.The original play that was performed there was the story of Dock Brown,the outlaw. It was based on a true story.Now that might be something Pop would enjoy.I decided to do a little research(one of my passions)on the theater and it's schedule and performances.To the best of my knowledge, Dock Brown is only showing 2 more times this season.Both times it is in a group of three shows performed that day. We are now working on a plan to attend the September showing. Hopefully the weather will be cooler(and not raining) and we will enjoy sitting out in the open air to watch all three shows.The website for the theater is  .
It appears to be a very interesting place to explore. Who knows? We may get to be regulars like the older step daughter and her husband's family are at Derby Dinner Playhouse. 


  1. Sue, we have when to all of the different show at pine knob, Dock Brown was my least fav., but i really like Down in who do hollow and Daddy take t-bird away, and also we love the Elvis tribute, would love to go back and see them again. I think you will enjoy them. Dock Brown was ok but is about history. Catch you later! have a good week...

  2. Sounds like fun Sue. I've only been to a couple of plays but I enjoyed them.

  3. Your are always so considerate to come over and comment on my post that I thought I would come over and see what you've been up to...

    I am not familiar with the play you mentioned but I went to a "reading" of "The Importance of Being Ernest" which was just as good as a real play -- that was a few years ago in downtown Raleigh, NC.

    I did go to a play in Warren, OH put on by the TNT (Trumbull New Theater)called "Grace & Glorie" it was so good I cried. The actors were so good. The final scene involved a pan of water and a few of us in the front section got wet!!

    Hadn't thought of that in ages...such fun!!

    There have been others I wanted to see but somehow or other something always comes up that is more important.

    Have been wanting to see the "Nutcracker" around Christmas time for years...always seem to be too late to get tickets whenever I hear of it playing nearby...who knows maybe this year.

    until later...V