Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh,Brendie,my dear friend! I wish I could help.

This is in response to Brendie, who exploded emotionally, on her step daughter, in public.

Been there and done that in a few step daughters,Pop,bosses,family members,Mother.I am not one to explode like that, but when I do, it's a doozie. I have done that, three or four times in the confines of my 33 years marriage,and a few times toward others, outside of my immediate family. I, too, think it comes from the culmination of pent up emotions and resentments from different areas. Not necessarily, the present case at hand. I think our bodies and emotions are like a pressure cooker, and if we don't vent a little along the way,they will blow.That's why it's good to have certain friends or family who will listen and let you spew about such things that might be upsetting to you at times and keep it to themselves(which is rare).Some say it helps to write it down,then tear it up, but I never thought much of that idea. I guess there is less chance there, though, of your dirty laundry being spread all over kingdom come. No one would ever know but you and once you wrote it down and destroyed it, it was done.There are usually many factors entering into the reason you explode. Many times it is hormones or some other health issue that you might not be aware of. The thyroid gland is a vital part of everything. If it is not functioning properly, you will see such emotions go haywire. I,too,know how stress of any kind,over a long period of time can cause you to blow. If I am having to do something I dearly hate doing, it will show up in other areas. I get bitter and angry and hard to deal with toward everyone.Even the pets.I can feel it coming on at that time, and know why it's happening,but controlling it is hard.There are lots of things one can try to squelch it.Some work for me,and others do not. Talk to someone about the problem.Go for a nice long leisurely walk. Take a nice warm bath.Run.And if all else fails, try eating something really fattening.That seems to work wonders,but then you must pay the piper later.(Big hips!)I know you are in a bad place with your job, and I,too, have step children. I feel these two things alone, can cause you a lots of grief, but I would recommend a good check up,first. Have your doctor test your blood for every kind of level possible. That would be a good start.I know you cannot let the job go, especially without another lined up to take it's place, with times being as they are, but concentrate on your new venture. Hopefully, you can get it off the ground soon, and be happy and content while you work, from now on.That would be heavenly.From what I have learned about you since we became blogging friends, I know you are a survivor, and you will be O K in the end. Be strong and know we are here to listen.


  1. Is is so nice to have someone to share your most intimate thoughts with, when we are down. Many times we have feelings that we don't feel we can share, safely, even with our spouses or closest family or friends.I know it seems strange to get comfort from far away places, such as from our blogging friends, but I suppose it is like having your own personal counselor. Someone who will listen and not judge and maybe share with you, their own feelings and experiences, and possibly some ways they have found to solve their own problem.It is so easy to tell a friend or family member what you would do in their situation, but thinking what you would do and having done it are two totally different things.and then,what would work for others, might not work for you.

  2. I think you said it beautifully!!

    Blessed are those who have a true bosom friend...a kindred spirit friend...who lets you just be yourself.

    One of the things about being a mom that is so trying sometimes is that your children don't know you as a person. To them you are just "mom" -- the person who fixes meals, does laundry, pays bills, drives you here and there, etc.

    It's a lonely existance if you don't have a woman friend who listens...someone who understands that "in this moment let me just be "ME" - a person with thoughts and feelings of my own!!"

    Such a wonderful thought provoking post!!

    until later...V

  3. Oh im a survivor all right sue, thanks for the support. yes its great to have the support of bloggies and be able to unload on blog land. Spoke to the other step daughter last night about it and she said "well, she needs to learn" and shes the younger one! Not sure what to do for the hostess but i probably wont see her for months and ive witnessed her giving her 18 year old the what for before so i think she probably thought, good job, long over due (she used to date glen for about 5 years)