Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Craft Idea

Cement mixer from Harbor Freight
I wake up many mornings with a new idea for a project for that day. Most days, the thought alone will start my blood to surging in my veins, and I'll jump up and get to work. You noticed I said Most days. Occasionally, I have trouble getting  myself motivated.We had a family breakfast today,celebrating Mom's return from her trip,more or less. We went to the McDonald's in WalMart, since we all needed other things from the store anyway. Mary,Terry Lee, Stacey,Mom and Myself were all present.Rita had to take her son to a neighboring town for a dental appointment. Those dentists are cleaning up with our family this past few days.David,Junior,Jerry Dee,and Vicki were too far away to get here in time for breakfast so they'll have to join us at a later date.

Nevertheless, the picture above is my latest idea. I ordered this little jewel for myself. Mary already has one, and I kept intending to go and spend a day with her to see if I could use it, but you know me. No patience.I have so many ideas for the mixer.The first thing I want to try is mixing my compost dirt. I have a nice expensive compost tumbler, but it takes more time and energy than I can afford to spend with it.I have access to horse manure and chicken manure, so now I need to take Old Rose and locate some good soil.

"Ole Rose"I painted the name on her 20-30 years ago. Was that good paint,or what?

Pop usually finds the dirt for me. I'll have him bring me a load to the yard, and I'll keep it under cover, so it will not wash away. Then I can pitch a scoop or two of dirt in the mixer with my manure and grass clippings,twigs,leaves,veggie trimmings,etc. and wallah!Good rich compost in 14 days. That's how long it takes to break it down in the big tumbler, but it must be turned by hand.Now that's a chore.I'm hoping this will work out and be easier. I do plan to use the mixer for cement,too. I have lots of great ideas for making things like stepping stones,border pieces,flower pots,garden ornaments of all kinds(as soon as I locate some molds),etc.I know I have more ideas than Carter has peanuts.(One of our former presidents,Jimmy Carter, use to raise peanuts, but I think he contributes most of his time nowadays to Habitat for Humanity).I must get busy. I don't have a minute to waste.

"If you have time to be bored, you have more problems than you realize."(I don't think I 've ever heard this quote, so I'll claim it as mine,for now.)

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  1. haha i love your quote!
    And if i see that mixer it makes me think of my dad and how he build their hog barn in holland!