Friday, July 22, 2011

I Think I Can! I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

My first try at painting a seascape.I think need more practice on my waves.
One day this past week,we were invited to supper at Pop's cousin,Larry's, home.When we were finished with our meal, we went out to sit on the porch and finish our coffee.Directly across the driveway was a small block building which Cousin Larry's wife,Edna, has landscaped with a sea shore theme.While we were passing the time, Edna and I were discussing the work she had done, and I suggested she put a scene on the side of the block wall,directly behind the sea shore theme she had started.I even suggested that I could possibly paint the scene.I have painted murals on walls before.Well,maybe one.I painted a Knight,the school symbol, on the eighth grade wall,many years ago. I was so proud of it.I do love to dabble with paints,but I simply don't dabble enough to keep in practice like I should.I choose to work outdoors when the weather is suitable. When winter comes, I will do indoor crafts, like painting,sewing,cooking,etc.But I was curious as to whether I had spoke too quick,not being in practice and all,so I drug out my paints and began trying my hand at the task.I did watch a few videos on oil painting,which I do quite often. Each time I watch, I feel I could just take my brush and do exactly what they are doing.Not that it ever works that way, but I do enjoy trying. I would love to spend more time painting, but there are so many other things that I need to do worse.I will continue to practice for a while,before tackling the job of painting the mural,but if and when I take on the job for sure, I will,without a doubt,be posting about it.

The second task that I attempted today was to unhook the old and hook up the new receiver for our TV.The storm apparently took out our other receiver,so I ordered a new one, and it came today. We had been without our main TV for several days.I am scared to death of electricity and all of those wires.They frighten me so, but I felt sure I could do it. I disconnected the main cord from the wall, and proceeded to switch wires, one at a time, putting each in the same corresponding place on the new receiver, as they were on the old one.All seemed to be going well,for the most part, although I did have to call DIRECT TV before the process was completed so they could walk me through the remainder of the necessary steps and finalize everything.I am so proud of myself for attempting these two tasks. I kept telling myself,I think I can. I think I can. I think I can,just like the Little Engine That Could,and I did!Thinking you can must be the key.


  1. Wow Sue, looks pretty good to me!
    And you should be proud of yourself on the TV thingie, I always have to get my youngest for that kind of project!

    PC is in the shop, hopefully I'll be able to blog soon, this laptop is crazy. I guess I'm hitting something while I'm typing.
    Anyway have, a great night.

  2. Is there anything you are not willing to try your hand at??

    I think not!!

    Good job --- go gettem!!