Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Experimenting Once More!

Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures, and I think,due to the shape the economy is in at the moment, these times can be considered extreme. Extreme in that times are hard for everyone.Regardless as to whether you are a budding family with several mouths to feed,struggling to keep afloat, or simply a couple living on Social Security.

Pop had stopped at our local Dollar Store this past week to pick up a needed item for me that day, when he stumbled across an Amish family he knew, and they were purchasing several jugs of inexpensive flavored drinks. Of course, Pop had to visit with them a few minutes and see why they had so much of the flavored drink.To his surprise, they were using it to can cantaloupe. That blew Pop's mind, and he said he hesitated to come home and tell me,for he figured he could be eating canned cantaloupe for our evening meal,that very day.Sure enough, after he told me about it, I began to do some research as to what I might use as a base for my canned cantaloupe. I had been trying to empty my older freezer,to give it to one of my brothers, and I was down to the last years Strawberry Freezer Jam.What a nice base that would make. The sugar and flavor in the jam should be a good addition to the cantaloupe, since the drought we have been having this year, has caused the cantaloupe to be not as sweet as usual.

I proceeded to dice up my cantaloupe and put it and the jam in a kettle and heated it to boiling, then spooned it into my jars and sealed it.I put one pint in the fridge to cool before opening it for a sampling. Pop,Leah, and I all agreed that it was worth saving a few jars,so I proceeded to do so.The second canning, I used a bottle of the grand children's Birthday Cake Flavoring which they use for slushies. It was different, but O K.I will probably use different flavors to experiment more,until I find one we really like. The Amish family said they liked it as well, and it was much cheaper than canned peaches. I figure I will incorporate it in a can of mixed fruit and see how that goes. We eat fruit for a dessert a lot after our meals. Less fat,less sugar, it's filling,and more nutritious.We have an abundance of cantaloupe at the present time, and they don't hold over too long,so I feel this will be a great way to save the melons for later use.


  1. I didn't know you could can melons!

  2. I knew you could can citron melons. That is a melon which you add whatever flavor you want to make preserves,etc., but I never knew about the cantaloupe until the Amish told Pop about it. I believe the Amish are the most frugal people in the world.We are learning a lot from them.I am trying different flavors to use in mine, but I suppose you could use plain sugar water to cover the fruit and fill the jars. You will most likely add the cantaloupe to a fruit mix when used anyway.They say the cantaloupe tastes as good as canned peaches, and is a lot cheaper.I guess when you are really hungry, anything tastes good. With so many to feed, I'd say they need to learn to eat lots of new things.I am enjoying experimenting with it.

  3. With the way the country is with it's weather, and bugs that are eating the crops, food this winter might be pretty ~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  4. Hi Sue-I have an old cookbook that has a recipe for cantaloupe preserves, very tasty.
    I've used the recipe for papayas also. Very good on pancakes, icecream or as a glaze for meat.
    If I eat any kind of melon fresh it messes with my stomach but not if they're cooked- how weird is that?