Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Perfect Purse Idea!

Thanks, Judy, for the purse making idea,for these hot days,when we are cooped up indoors.
I purchased a new bag this past week to freshen up my summer wardrobe. I don't buy many new items, but this one looked so crisp and fresh and summery,I couldn't resist.Since I have been carrying it, I have been thinking of how I could make a similar bag, but make the outer pocket half at the bottom, where it could be interchanged with different colors,patterns,and designs.Wouldn't that be wonderful.You could change the outer pocket accent on the purse to match many more outfits, if the base purse were made of a neutral color, pattern,or fabric.I will be exploring the idea a bit,in the next few weeks. IF, I come up with a decent looking bag, I will definitely be posting about it.This will be another of my many great ideas to add to my lengthy list of experiments.


  1. how about you make a neutral bag with some long belt keepers about half way to thread a scarf type piece of fabric through that then could have a knot or bow to add an accent of colour...i shall have a browse and see if i can find anything on the net to really say what i mean

  2. The best I've come up with is a reversible bag.
    You might try to make the pocket addition as a separate piece attached to the bottom of the purse with velcro added to the bottom of the purse and to the inside bottom of the pockets. Kind of like a half purse that you set the main purse into? Hope that makes sense...