Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Amazing Finds for an Avid Gardener!

Roma II Bush Beans

I got my first Roma beans from the Amish Produce Auction on July 4th,2011.I bought 2 pecks at $3 per peck. I cooked a bunch for supper the next day and they were the best green beans I'd eat in forever. I have tried different beans in my lifetime, but never really took the time to worry with finding one type that I preferred over all the rest. When you work outside the home, you just want to get the job of canning done, and get on with other things. In my case anyway, I was always too tired,with too little time to get all the chores done that needed doing. Now that I am retired and have the time and energy, I want to concentrate on the beans we both like and will eat. We got burned out on the kinds we had been canning.Not sure what kind they were, but they were available and plentiful at the time.We usually buy a bushel or so,of whatever kind is available,to can.We only grow a bare minimum of anything in our own garden anymore.Just enough to eat on throughout the summer. The Amish folks have such nice big gardens,good produce, and are so handy, we get most of our produce from them.That way, I can get it in the jars, all in a day and be done with it.Whether it be a bushel of corn,tomatoes,green beans,etc.

Pop thinks it's because we were really hungry,or possibly because we hadn't been eating green beans for awhile, but whatever the reason, I love these new Roma II Bush Beans. So much so, that I have did a little research this morning and found that they only take 59 days to maturity. That will mean beans will be ready in early September. I hope to be planting some today,if pop can find the seeds while he's out this morning..
I started to track down the fellow that grew the Roma beans, but decided instead, to stop one mile down the road and get acquainted with the new Amish family that has moved in.Two families have bought land at the end of our lane, and have out huge gardens. I was in luck. They have the Roma beans, and they will be ready to pick any day. I still hope to plant myself a row. I cleaned a space in the garden for them this morning.

I have listed this website on the beans to show a little more about them, in case anyone else was interested. You may have a seed company that you prefer, but you can read about them here,if you'd like.

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus

It seems I have been gardening forever, but can't remember when I was ever this excited over a couple of new additions.I have always loved to try at least one new plant each year,just out of curiosity,but this year,the prize goes to these two plants.One flower and one vegetable.I awoke this morning to find the Hibiscus in full bloom. I think they are the most beautiful flower I've ever seem.. I planted them where I could see them from my kitchen window, and each morning, and from the front porch swing,where we drink our morning coffee.I am hoping they will bloom all summer.listed below is a website with more information on this hibiscus.


  1. Good to know about that bean variety. I'll have to try them sometime. That flower is beautiful!

  2. Sue the roma beans are Will Issac favor bean. A neighbor gave me a box of roma beans yesterday, going to can them today. They are a good bean..

  3. ohhh i agree with you on the flower! That is one beautiful flower and i used to have one last year, but somehow it didn't make it true the harsh winter we had...

    maybe i'll get a new one, or just keep staring at your pic! ;-)