Saturday, September 3, 2011

Terry has inspired me once again.

Leah's apron(one pocket is lower than the other, but she'll never notice)

My friend,Terry, with Uranias Inspirations, has inspired me once again. I shouldn't tell this, but Mom and I,on our day out yesterday, stopped by Trader Baker's which is now a huge peddler's type mall,housed in the old Walmart building.The old building has had several tenants, since Walmart relocated to the new Super Walmart,just down the street,but Trader Baker seems to have it going on there now. That building is jam packed with really nice booths, and the building is full to the brim this time. In the past, the tenants were never able to get enough takers to fill the entire building, and they always ended up closing it down.Nevertheless, we browsed through the building for about an hour. That was about all Mom could take, but we didn't even begin to see all of the booths. I picked up a couple of remnants of fabric fairly reasonable,I thought. That was the part I shouldn't tell. Me, buying more fabric,when I am inundated with fabric already.But it was so pretty.One piece was only 1/2 a yard and my initial thought was to make more hot pads, but when I read about Terry's new apron, I decided to make Leah an apron. She doesn't take a lot of interest in cooking yet, but I keep hoping she will try it more as time goes by. Her father is an excellent cook as was her paternal Grandmother,whom she only knew for about a year or two,before she passed away.Min was a great cook and she liked to collect pretty dishes from yard sales and flea markets, much like myself.We had quite a bit in common,she and I.She loved to cook up lots of different dishes for big family gatherings and use her pretty dishes that she had collected.Leah helps me a little with cooking, at times, but I'm afraid her mother's lack of interest in cooking,instead of her Dad's love for cooking, will carry down to her,but I keep trying.I think she loves having dinner parties just because she loves to decorate the table and the house, using all of the prettiest dishes and knick knacks she can find pertaining to the occasion.She's a lot like me in that respect,even though we don't have the same blood,which worries her at times.Maybe, by me exposing her to various things that I love and do, a little of  my ways and interests will rub off on her.I can only hope.


  1. Oh I love that apron..that is so cool~! I hope Leah loves it too... Sometimes we can only hope she gets encouraged by your thoughtfulness and she takes up cooking. My daughter could be a good cook, she said it's just easier to take it out of the box.. Processed food ~ :(
    I'm going to have to look up the pattern for this apron, how cute is that~! That is a great idea for old Walmart stores.
    Have a blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  2. Way cute apron Sue,
    as to the blood line?
    I read an article in Oprah's magazine (found it in the recycle bin at work) about family,
    she said, "they are the people who love you not necessarily the people who are related to you"!
    Well said...

    And all I can say about the fabric, there is never too much, there will always be a use for it!
    But then again, I am a fabric junkie!!!!!

  3. Of course you know I just love the apron!! So cute!!

    I'll have to say there is hope for Leah...after all there are people who use mixes and tweak them to make them just right. Isn't that what Sandra Lee does with her semi-homemade?

    That reminds me of a woman I knew years ago who brought a delicious cake to our Bible study one evening. I asked her if it "was made from scratch" and she looked me right in the eye and said "Yes, it is. I scratched it out of the box and into the bowl!!" We all just busted out laughing and I still think of her to this day every time someone mentions "home made" or "made from scratch."

    It doesn't really matter now adays (did it ever?) if something is home made... If it's served with love and graciousness it will be delicious.

    KFC chicken looks just as good as home-made when it's served up on your best platter with a smile and a "Come and get it" signal!!

    Our children and grandchildren do have a way of surprising us...I'm learning that first hand!!

    You are a good Memaw!!

    Love you...Memaw's sister, V

  4. Oh and Sue, I want to know about the okra, rice recipe. I know you cook by feel but at least give me some clues!