Monday, July 30, 2012

A woman's work is never done.

Our small house is roughly 32 by 42 feet or something close, but we have an eight foot porch on three sides. It is a job retreating it each year,if it's lucky enough to get it that often. We had unexpected company for breakfast this morning, and after we all finished eating, we moved out to the porch for more visiting. Pop can sit and visit all day and never worry about what's not getting done. It makes me crazy to sit and sit and sit some more. I can't do it. Since the visitor was mainly Pop's company,I decided to get myself a pail of vinegar water and wash down the vinyl siding while they visited.I could still hear their conversation and join in when ever I saw fit.He is a dear friend and I do enjoy his company as well, but he knows me well enough to know that it makes me uncomfortable to sit for very long, so like most of our company, they don't seem to mind if I must stay busy while we visit. I could only do the portion of the siding where they were not sitting,so I figured I'd get the Thompson's porch finish out and work a bit on retreating that portion of the porch.The company stayed until noon, so I had plenty of time to get most of the porch treated. It does tend to make work seem less like work if you are visiting with friends or family while you work.I did stop occasionally to share a cool glass  of a Wild Berry Pomegranate Fruit Drink.
My original plan for today was to finish putting the Aluma-Kote on the rooftop of one of my sheds. I had started it one day this past week, but the heat drove me indoors.
I am so ashamed of myself for neglecting my two sheds like I have done this summer. The heat has made it too unbearable to go outdoors and do much of anything. The grass didn't grow so there was no need to mow. Mowing usually keeps me outdoor most of the summer under normal conditions.This year was much hotter and drier than any I can remember. So the sheds must wait once more for their share of landscaping and attention.

P.S. Terry, Leah's mail got here today.I told her on Facebook. I haven't heard back from her yet, but I know she will be so thrilled that you thought of her.Thanks!

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  1. Hey Sue, did you climb a tree for that second shot? Lucky you having three pourches. I do enjoy sitting on the pourch when the weather is nice.

    If you and I were kids in school these days we would be labeled ADHD and be put on meds.

    I hope Leah likes her gift.