Monday, July 23, 2012

Bing Cherries

It didn't take Leah and I long to finish off that pint. Yum! There was barely enough left to get a decent picture.

I have never been exposed to Bing Cherries to any great extent. I never buy Bing Cherries. They are wonderful, but they are too expensive. But guess what! I fell heir to a case of Bing Cherries this past week and I have now canned thirty three pints.Namely because they are so perishable. I would have loved to kept them around to eat as it, but I didn't think they would last too long in the fridge.

I had no idea as to what I was doing, and you can only find so much information on the net about any particular topic, so I winged it. I opened one can, after they had cooled, just to see what they were like, and they were wonderful. Leah, my grand daughter, and I, ate one whole pint by ourselves. We dipped ours in whipped cream.What a nice cool refreshing treat they make,and so healthy,too.That is indeed a plus. Getting this opportunity, was a once in a lifetime thing,for me, but I think I might be more willing to purchase a few next time I get the chance,if that ever happens.I have never seen them at the local Amish Auction yet,to my knowledge,so it's doubtful they even grow in our area.I may need to do more research on growing them here.

And we didn't discard the juice when the cherries were gone. All of those wonderful antioxidants,you know. We added a little water  and a few ice cubes and had ourselves a cool refreshing nutritious drink.We are indeed a frugal bunch. Well, I am hoping Leah picks up on the frugal ways of her grandparents. I doubt she is getting that kind of training at her home.

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  1. Never thought of canning cherries.
    They are way to expensive here.
    I remember a visit to my parents home in Michigan, plenty of cherry trees up that way.
    Maybe they're like apple trees, need a certain amount of chill to produce?