Monday, July 23, 2012

Step back,Froogs. I'm the Queen.

Froogs, I am addressing this post to you today, simply because I feel I am the ultimate Frugal Queen(if only for a day). I am so proud of my latest fine, I am beside myself.No one believes that I found this dresser by the roadside. It is a beautiful piece, and it matches my new bed really close.At least it's close enough to suit me and the company I keep.

I do buy nice new pieces on occasion, but most of the time, I buy from consignment stores, yard sales, second hand stores. Pop and I live a very frugal lifestyle.He is just as frugal as I am, although he notices it more in me than in himself,but he calls it ,being cheap.Many times when I bring in something useful, such as the new dresser, he is embarrassed by me doing so. He hates having others to think we NEED to pick up the junk of others to survive. Later,when folks brag and rave about what I have achieved, he is so proud of me. I guess he is just too proud.He worked for years making big money,and his first wife always had to have the most expensive furnishings.He hated paying the bill, but he was always proud for folks to know they had the best.Strange, but that's my take on Pop.

This dresser is very cheaply made,but Oh,so pretty. I figure the last owners might have done like many others. They purchased this piece when they first took up housekeeping,because it was so pretty and inexpensive, and within their budget at that time,Then as it began to deteriorate and they could better afford it, they upgraded to a nicer piece of furniture.I can easily see that happening. But, knowing how pretty this piece was, and being working folks,perhaps they thought that someone else might get some use from it, until they could do better.thus, they decided not to trash it completely,but to put it out by the roadside.Many folks are doing that nowadays.

For whatever their reasoning, I am so happy to have found it. Mom spent the night with me Saturday night and we rearranged several areas of the house to accommodate the new dresser. I gave the drawers a good overhaul. They were in the worse condition of the entire piece. They are made of really flimsy material. I reinforced them with luan and liquid nails and real nails insted of staples.I feel they should hold up nicely for several more years,if I just use them for undies,sheets and pillowcases,and the like.I do have a tendency to overload drawers,but I'll force myself to store my heavier things elsewhere.

Thanks,Froogs, now you can have your title back now. I just wanted to brag about my latest fine.I am so proud of it.


  1. That is such a lovely findxxxx I'll gladly stand back and abdicate my title for anyone willing to pick it in the name of saving money and stopping waste xxxxx

  2. What a pretty find.

    I recently saw an advert for a nearly new, hardly used electric double oven for FREE! in a shop window. It is now wired up in my kitchen :)

    I love being frugal and hate waste.

  3. Yes,indeed,Frugal Freesia! WASTE and LAZINESS are 2 of the worst traits of the human race,and I think they are at their worst in the USA. I wish we could irradicate them both, and Thanks ladies, for your comments.

  4. Wow Sue, thats a great find. That piece cost plenty new.
    The furniture of today is cheaply made but they still want top dollar for it.
    Way to score girl!!!
    I'm playing catch up on my blog reading.