Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Louisiana Family Headed Back Home Today

Mom,86, on the left,  Edna,88, on the right

Mom's oldest sister,Edna, and some of the family, left this morning on their return trip to their home in South Louisiana.They've spent the last week with Mom. Mom is 86 and Edna is 88. Mom is poorly these days with Dementia or the early stages of Alzheimer's, and I'm sure her sister must be going through something very similar,plus she is loosing a lot of weight. The daughters speak of a lot of similar things going on with their Mom. Mom and her sister Edna have always tried to stay in touch. Probably more so than their other siblings,but their personalities are so similar, it gets rough at times trying to keep peace between them.I think we all know their remaining days left on this earth are few, so the cousins try to bring their Mom to visit once a year,if possible.I am so grateful to them for that, since it is so hard to get our bunch together and headed south.The cousins are a bit younger and much more capable of cutting loose from their jobs and such for making the trip.At least that's what I tell myself. Pop has always said,"You can always find time to do what you really want to do."I guess we simply don't care to travel at this stage in the game, so we make all sorts of excuses. Nevertheless, it all worked out. One of the cousins had another stop she wanted to make along the road home, so they left a little earlier than usual.

Most of the time they were here was spent in the kitchen. They love to cook those Cajun dishes for us whenever they come up.I hate it that they seem to stay in the kitchen so much, but they are all head strong like my Mom, so what can you do other than let them cook.One day we had Red Beans and Rice. I have never seen such huge pots of Red Beans and Rice. We do enjoy the meals, but a vacation, to me, is getting out of the kitchen.  We did visit a few consignment stores and they visited the Flea Market. Those are Hot Spots for them and most of my family enjoy those places,too, so we had a good time.

The visit was nice, but getting back to normal is nice,too. I spent the day canning green beans, tomato juice,squash and zucchini,not to mention catching up on dishes, and laundry.All is well though. We got a little rain today.The temps are coming down and hopefully the weather will get back to normal.The heat and the drought have been unbearable at times.


  1. If you get any rain, please send it my way! :)

  2. Sounds like fun. I'm glad your mom got to see her sister.
    And I do enjoy red beans & rice.

    Things are pretty steamy here, we did get some rain last Saturday thank goodness!

    Enjoy your weekend.