Monday, July 9, 2012

My Blogger Pen Pal

Do you have a Special Pen Pal Blogger friend? I do. I have one particular Blogging friend, that struck me as almost family from the first time I met her on Blogger. I can't really put my finger on it, but I just felt a kinship with her from the start.We even talk on the phone on occasion. We have never met,personally, but I would love to do so,one day. She lives in Texas, and I have family in Louisiana, so the hope of meeting her is not such a far fetched wish.She has her own soap company,The BlueMoon Soap Company,and her own Etsy site,The BlueMoon Vintage Cafe.I do admire her for her endeavors. I wish I were brave enough so as to tackle such feats.

I recently gathered up several thing I thought she might be able to use,mostly in her apron making.I get the feeling from her posts that she is very creative and could recycle some of the items I sent and I was so right. She has posted on one of her upcycled items(once a valance,now an apron) just today.

Terry,I'm so glad you can use the items I sent, as I knew you would. I love recycling fabric,but I don't go through sewing stages, often enough to keep my fabric stash in check. I get into so many other things I'd rather be doing.I have been working in my craft room when I get a couple of free minutes, trying to narrow down my supplies to my most favorite crafts.That is so hard for me to do. I love having all the supplies,just in case I decide to work with any particular craft, but the clutter of it all, gets overwhelming at times.With Mom and her Alzheimer's,there is so little time to spend on my crafting.Hopefully, I will find other usable pieces for your aprons,soon.Love all of your the aprons.You are so talented.
Hope you are having a better season than us. We are in the mist of the worse drought I've ever seen. It is truly depressing.My flowers have all died and my newly planted trees are in great danger of the same fate.Afraid to stress our well too much by watering.Pop uses it for our small garden most evenings.We have a few of Mom's family in from Louisiana this week, so we will be helping to entertain them for a bit.One or two of them are fascinated by the Amish culture, so we will be taking them around to visit several of the Amish businesses and allowing them to meet some of our Amish friends.
I think Pop is planning to fix them up with a ride in a horse drawn vehicle owned by one of our regular English fiends.They are so excited about doing that.

Although the drought is such a horrible thing, and I hate that my Mom's family could not see my beautiful flowers and yard, it has definitely freed me up from mowing. The grass crunches beneath your feet,sounds like you might be walking on Rice Krispies.Oh well! Hopefully the grass and flowers will grow back some day, and we have lots more time to spend with the family.


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  2. Terry is a lovely person. I'm glad you two have formed a friendship, Sue.