Monday, July 23, 2012

Who ate all the cake????

So we're a family that doesn't eat sweets? Then who ate all of the Fruit Cocktail Cake?

The same day I fell heir to the cherries, I got grapes,too. Another perishable fruit that is impossible to hold over for very long.I thought,"Why not try canning them?" So I did. The grapes did not turn out as pretty and nice as the cherries. I may have heated them under pressure too long, but nevertheless, when mixed with fruit cocktail and/or other fruit,namely canned cantaloupe, which I just learned about last year from the local Amish, they make an excellent Fruit Cocktail Cake.

Many years ago, when I first left home and went to work, the ladies I worked with were forever bringing in delicious dishes to share with their fellow employees. That's so much fun no matter where you work and it does seem to lighten the work day for every one.Especially,when lots of good food is involved and it's free.

The Fruit Cocktail Cake was one of the popular recipes going around in 1966.We all loved the cakes that were brought in and we all just had to try our hand at making our own. Like all other recipes it finally died down and other delectables were cooked up and brought in to share with the gang.But the Fruit Cocktail Cake Recipe remained in most of our files from then on. As for myself, I use a yellow cake boxed mix instead of making it totally from scratch. It turns out just as nice, and I can pick up the cake mixes at the local Amish owned discount stores, for a song.I keep lots of the mixes in the freezer to use when we have spur of the moment drop in quests.

The FCC is so easy to make, and it is good served hot, but we like it better after it sets over night. Most fruit type cakes are drier the first day,when fresh out of the oven, but moisten up quite a bit,after setting over night..

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