Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is It Possible To Think Your Pain Away

(I found I had several post in drafts, so rather than delete them, I have decided to send them along. With all of the other responsibilities, I have had little time for blogging,so for now, these older posts will help.)

Due to the many experiences in my life,I am convinced that it might be possible to think your pain away.I am 64, and for the most part,Thank God, have very few aches and pains.I do have a few on various mornings when I first awaken, or after arising from a quick nap. Most of my aches and pains show up immediately after I have been idle for a few minutes.It seems as long as I am moving about,heavily absorbed into the job at hand,I have no pain to speak of.

Lately, I have been having a problem with what seems to be a leader in the back of my foot.The long ligament or tendon or whatever it is, that runs up the back of your foot.I awaken finding that I can hardly walk, and this has been going on for a few weeks,off and on.

Nevertheless, we have been working with Mom's house this past week, and of all the weeks in a year, it had to be the hottest week on record for this area.With the family coming from La. on the 7th, we have been tidying up around her house and yard a bit. Mom has most of her problems with being disoriented,occur immediately after awakening, which is every other hour or two, all through the day and night,unless we are by her side, keeping her busy.She tends to sleep a lot,if she is not engrossed in a job of some sort.
 Even though she has the early stages of Alzheimer's, she has no problem seeing to it, that we are busy every minute. If she had her way, we would all still be living with her, and she would be working our buts off, like she did our entire lives.I cannot hold up working with her too often. I have learned that there will be another day. No need to kill yourself trying to finish it all today.That is definitely not her philosophy. She's thinking,"Get this done today,for tomorrow I will have a new job for you all to do."I have decided, I cannot work as fast as she can think up new jobs for us to do, so I've quit trying to be superwoman.Sorry if these words sound harsh, but you'd just need to know my Mother.

I told Mom,on one of the four times she called during the night, that we all needed a break from the work and the heat, so I would be staying in this morning,doing some things I needed to get done for my household,so this morning, I decided to get involved immediately after arising, with painting my Big Room.I found a gallon of really good paint on the Marked Down shelf for $11.The color was close to that of the paper I had just put up around my counter top.I was leery at first, but once I got started, it wasn't that bad.I have completed two sections of the wall. Very little painting to be done since we have so many windows and doors in the Big Room, and they are trimmed in white.Although I didn't paint for long, I did notice, when I am doing something I enjoy, the pain in my foot diminishes or disappears totally.I think the substance,produced in the body, responsible for numbing the pain,is called endorphins.I found a lot of great reading on the topic. Some I was aware of, but several things, I was not. It's amazing how simple things can give us such relief.We just need to do the research. I know popping a pill is easier, but I'm sure most would agree that engaging yourself in a task that brings you pleasure is a much better way to quieten your pain.

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