Sunday, July 8, 2012


Alas! My Grand daughter may be evolving into a thoughtful young lady, after all.But then again, it might be the little talk I gave her this past week or so. She thinks she must take something home with her each time she visits my home. Nothing major, but usually something pretty that caught her eye, while visiting.I usually go ahead and let her take the item, knowing good and well, it will end up in the garbage or the give away pile. Her Mom doesn't like anything lying around that doesn't suit her own tastes or interests.  I have noticed this in Leah's Mom for years. I don't mind Leah taking things that she likes, but it pains me so to know what will happen when she gets it home. Leah had been wanting some of those 60's beads. The kind that folks hung across an open door, back in the hippie era. I found a set, and sent them home with her. Each time I would visit, I would see them in a pile out on the carport. I suspected the beads would be going to be set out soon,for garbage pick up day, so I asked Leah why she had never put them up on her bedroom door. .She replied that she had asked her parents to put them up for her, but to no avail.I took an expansion rod and showed her how to put it up herself, so hopefully, the beads got put up on her door.
I picked up this plaque,a few years ago, because it said it all, about my Grand daughter,Leah.

Lately,I was telling about how her actions were similar to the habits of a pack rat.A pack rat will gather in things that are generally pretty and shiny, to decorate it's bed. BUT,he generally leaves something in exchange for the pretty item.Shortly after telling her this piece of trivia, she brought me a Grandmother's cup, a juice glass, and a vase,so I assume the little talk had sunk in, or she is evolving into a thoughtful young lady.

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  1. It's a shame that Leah's mom isn't letting her develop her own personal style. I saw Lisa Quinn use those type of beads just the other day in a re-decorate she was doing.

    I think we all have a bit of the pack rat in us but it's good that she is learning to share.
    I suspect she likes your style and wants to copy it.
    Thanks again for the bonanza box!!!
    I posted on one of your items.