Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Starter Balls

I wonder how many folks just had to see what I meant by starter balls.Connie, next door,of Granny's Sewing Room, was making the fabric covered balls this past summer. I have not spoke to her for a spell, so I'm not sure if she is still making the fabric balls now or not.It seems she was making them for a local gift shop.When my sister,Vicki, of My Favorite Things, was in for a visit, she made a few for her daughter's booth,back at her home in the mountains.Every now and then, I run across a piece of fabric that is no longer usable in it's normal manner. For example, this piece was used for a long time, as a cover for my porch swing. I loved it as a cover, but that has been many years ago, plus the sun has bleached it out, and  it is in tethers.I guess it's sentiment that won't let me toss it in the trash, and it isn't the type of material that would even make a decent grease rag for Pop's garage.So deciding what to do with it, is the next question.

I have decided to make starter balls with it. If this Primitive Craze continues for a spell, my niece in the mountains should be able to sell them in her booth, after her Mother,Vicki, has covered them with the appropriate fabric.Vicki is excellent in mixing and matching colors for the beautiful quilts she makes,therefore, she does a great job picking the colored fabric combinations to cover these little fabric balls.I know. I have seen some that she has made while she was here. I am not into the Primitive type of decorating, so I'll pass them on to her to finish for her daughter, Beverly's booth.


  1. hi sue, I have not made any balls lately, The ones i have made, i have got to t-dye them to make them real rustic. It looks like you have got several rag ball started. I think people who like to decorate with primitive, they like them. Have fum making them.

  2. Folks who are into the Primitive Decor, have the little rolled up balls of nostalgic fabric strips, sitting around in little baskets,bowels,etc, for decoration.The strips of fabric are used like thread to crochet things like the little rug I made for you.The Primitive Decor tends to bring back memories of days gone by, such as the Little House on the Praire era.