Sunday, July 22, 2012

Are you, or have you ever considered being a Master Gardener?

 a mere sample of what one can grow and teach others to grow
Are you, or have you ever considered being a Master Gardener?I attended a program yesterday which was to encourage more folks to get certified as Master Gardeners. I have considered it for years, but never thought I could squeeze in the time to attend all of the classes required.I think there is about 14 to 16 classes. Then you are certified. After that, it seems you must log 40 hours per year of community related service to maintain your certification.

I have considered this program many times, but it seem there is always a stumbling block getting in my way. At least that's what I tell myself. Pop has always said,"You can always find time to do, what you really want to do."I find that to be true myself. If I want to do something badly enough, I will make time for it.So what is holding me back?

I'm sure I could find many excuses, but Fear, for one thing. I am afraid I would not be able to learn enough to be a MG.It seems they know all the answers without ever having to take time to look them up. That's the way I have always done. If someone asks me a question, I will research the question, and find an answer for them. It seems it would be impossible to store every bit of that knowledge in one's head, and be able to recall it at any given moment.

a small glimpse of the fruits of my labor
The real purpose of being a MG is to educate the public about growing and maintaining plants,thus helping them to be more self sufficient.A quality that has been lost over the last generation.Uncle Sam seems to keep more and more folks fed today.

I have always considered sewing seeds and contributing tiny plants to kindergarten and preschool kids, hoping to instill the love of gardening in them.

You've heard the verse related to fishing.

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.

Why not insert the words vegetable and gardening, and teach folks to grow food to sustain themselves and their families for their entire life.

Give a man a vegetable, and he'll eat for a day.Teach a man to grow a garden and he will eat for a lifetime.

It seems each new day, brings more unexpected responsibilities to attend to, but one day,hopefully, I will be able to relax and investigate the possibilities of becoming a MG,more thoroughly.

I will add that to my I Would Love To Do One Day list.

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