Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Vicki!

Although I'm not into Card Making, I could very easily be.I have all the necessary supplies, and I have always enjoyed the thought of sending cards for every occasion, but I just never got into it. If more folks could use telepathy, there would be no need for sending cards anyway. My thoughts would reach the intended recipient, just the same.I did do a little reading on telepathy,and it seems there is a learning procedure for it. Maybe,one day, I'll take the time to look into it,but for now,sending cards and emails will have to do.

Sorry, Vicki. I just couldn't wait to post your card. I was so pleased with myself. I know to Real Card Makers,
my card is no big deal, but it is to me. I am so proud of it, I just had to post about it.I only use recycled materials, and I guess I should have used brighter colors, but I was so excited at 4 and 5 am this morning, I jumped out of bed and got right to work on it,using what I can find at the spur of the moment.

When I awaken that early,and that's the times I call Mom to let  her know it's time for her medicines,I'm usually so wide awake by then, that I can't get back to sleep, so I decided the card making would not be so noisy as to disturb Pop.I can usually catch another nap later in the day.I called Vicki to let her know it was on it's way, so she can get an early peek at it here.I hope she likes it, as I know she will.Happy Birthday,Vicki!

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