Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ain't Love Grand?

My grand daughter is in love. I think she has been in love a few times now, and she is only nine. I do remember the feeling of young love from my youth. I think I was about 4th grade when I recall my first love. I see him now and then, and I am willing to tell him and others that he was my first love,which I am sure he had already picked up on, but back then, I, like Leah, was too shy to admit it to anyone.I guess you might call them crushes, but I remember having a dozen crushes on different boys in my lifetime. I suppose that's how you exercise your emotions. I'm sure this love will run it's course, and she'll fall in love many more times, but for now she is wearing HIS ring,and she is in Heaven.


  1. That is great! I had many crushes when I was growing up. But one stands out because I had a crush on him the whole time I was in school with him, which was 2nd thru 12th grades. Now I get to talk with him on Facebook and see how he and his wife and family are doing - and finally get to admit to him just how crazy I was about him back then. He was the only farmboy in my grade, and for that, I loved him! LOL - he's turned out to be a really neat person in his adult life.Thanks for sharing, this brought back memories for me of my long-lived crush on Steve Russo. Sweet memories, for sure.