Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The SideWinder

Suzanne, over at Chickens In The Road, sounds so much like myself.I made a room in one quarter of my basement for a craft room, then suddenly, it was needed for an extra bedroom.The craft supplies are still stacked everywhere in boxes and bins.Barely room to wiggle down there.Hopefully when it's too cold outdoors, I'll get back to it. Since Suzanne was speaking of bobbins, I picked up a SideWinder,bobbin winder at the local fabric store yesterday. My machine is computerized, and it would scare me when the bobbin started winding and jerking and eventually stall, making the machine act all weird and crazy.That's when I decided I'd use the separate portable winder.It is not so scary, and I can take it to Mom's and wind all her bobbins at once for her. She can't see good enough to wind her own.I had been thinking about getting one for awhile now, and since we would be going in that direction yesterday, I had Pop to swing by the fabric store so I could pick one up. I called both WalMart and the fabric store to see if they had one and the price.They both had the Sidewinder, but the one at the fabric store was approximately $5 cheaper. I had already looked on line, and found one, just like the one I ended up buying, and with the postage and all, it would have been roughly $10 more.Another good thing was that I didn't have to wait several days for it to arrive in the mail.That is one of my faults.When I take a notion for something, I want it now.

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  1. My hubby rearranged the living space and after that he had a section of his desk he no longer needed. So he then rearranged the bedroom and put the desk in there and ta dah! I now have a sewing table! Before it was all stashed in a corner of the living space, so I know all about squahed up sewing/crafting spaces!