Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is It or Is It Not A MayApple?

This is a MayApple (picture obtained from the Internet)

This is a Ginseng Plant (picture obtained from the Internet)

I have tried to relocate the blog about the MayApple, to no avail. I follow several blogs, and once in a while I will check out other blogs listed on those blogs that I do follow.I ran across one post asking if anyone could identify a plant she had ran across and posted on her blog. Several of us thought it was a MayApple by it's growing habits, and it's leaf formation, but it had a red seed pod.

This is a Trillium (picture obtained from the Internet)

I have done a little more research, and found another plant, a Trillium, with what appeared to be a single red seed, larger than the seeds in her picture.But I am a little more certain now,that the picture she posted was that of the ginseng plant. It has a red seed pod. The MayApple does not appear to have that red seedpod.I am hoping that someone will help me to relocate the original post. I'm thinking the postee lives in Indiana.


  1. Hi Sawn - I wanted to stop by and say thanks for all of the comments you've left on my blog in the last few days. that's a good idea of crocheting with 2 strands of yarn to make a thicker product for a hot pot holder. I'm glad you liked the down-in-the-dumps pudding recipe - it is decadent, and very rich. I don't make it that often since I end up eating it all myself since it's just me in the home. thanks, also for the heads-up on IDing wood - I know that hardwoods will burn longer, and soft woods shorter, for those cool mornings to take the chill off and for short cooking times. I will be laying in a good supply of wood. There is a sawmill closeby where I can rummage thru their stacks of wood they discard and pick it up for free, as well as a place in a town just south of Liberty that sells wood by the dump truck load, and also a Mennonite fella that sells smaller pieces of wood by the truck load at a very reasonable price. Getting enough wood will be my first area of concentration once I move and get settled in a bit. Thanks for all of your encouraging comments. Take care, from Fayette Co.

  2. Hmmmm...I don't know anything about Mayapples.