Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Faithful Companion!

I have always loved cats, but have not always had one for various reasons. I love my birds. I hate the clean up that follows.I always felt I had enough to do without that added chore. I am allergic to so many unknown things, and cat dander could be one of them.I don't think so much about all that with Lucky. That's the name we gave him after saving him as a tiny kitten, from a horrible death in the busy downtown traffic, in the heart of town one day while we were running some errands.I had him neutered as soon as possible, so he would not be so apt to do all those unwanted things that male cats do;however, he does get pretty rough at times, when playing with our inside dog,Sarah, and our new female cat, Minnie.We adopted Minnie,shortly after Lucky.We found her hiding in a sink hole on our property, and rescued her, thinking she would make a good pet for our Grandson, since his cat had disappeared, but as you can guess that never happened, and Minnie is still here. We had her neutered the same day, so the worries that come with a female cat would be lessened,also. I(we)have grown to love them both. They bring lots of laughs to Pop and myself. The two Grandchildren spend a lot of time with them, when they are here,thus,giving me a break. That turned out to be a real plus,since both Grandchildren are so spoiled and attached to Meemaw.They both love any small animal, so the kitty cats get lots of attention at our house.But back to My Faithful Companion.Lucky has taken a liking to me, and stays by my side constantly. No matter what I am doing, he finds the closest place he can,to be near me, and sleeps,as he is doing here,while I post to my blog.When Pop and I, sit for awhile and watch a show together,before bedtime, Lucky lays on my lap,a nightly ritual now.Strange how pets get to be such a wonderful part of your life for some, and others have no desire to love an animal. I guess it's their loss.We love all of our animals, and it is a good feeling when they let you know they love you,too.


  1. I love your post, Sawn - I feel the same way about my cats, and any animal I've had. although I had a couple of heifers, a few hogs, and some chickens, and didn't quite make pets out of them because they were going to be consumed by me and various people. But I love all animals, love to just watch them interact with each other as well as with humans - they bring me a lot of joy, and I now have 5 cats and will soon be moving to the country, so I want to give them some outside adventures since for most of all of their lives, they've been cooped up in an apartment or a home. I think they'll have fun, and I will keep a watchful eye over them even if they are outside.