Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More on Multi Tasking?

I'll bet you're wondering what in the world this picture has to do with multi- tasking.Well,in the beginning, I planted my birdhouse gourds along side the porch with the intention of the rails supporting the vines. Not having a lot of experience with growing them before, I was not sure how rampant they would run.I did know,however, that pumpkins were ridiculous with all their vining.Pop made me swear never to grow one next to the doorstep again.However, as the gourd vines began to grow, I noticed it brought a cool shade to that portion of the porch and even shaded the window to the living room somewhat.Wonderful. We need all the shade we can get with the hot summer days we have been having.Well, my little wren built in a hanging flower pot. Soon, one of the flowers died, leaving her nest exposed, so,knowing they liked to be secluded, I hung the pot among the vines. She never fretted a bit about that.Today, I went out to take a picture of the baby birds to show, and I frightened one with my flash of the camera, causing it to hop out and flutter away. I was able to run it down and put it back in the nest, but I fear,when they do leave the nest, the cats or dogs will devour them. That is the worst part of having dogs and cats, for pets. They,occasionally, do eat the birds you have watched and loved throughout the season.I'm keeping my fingers crossed,in hopes that they survive.

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  1. Hello! Found you through a post about an ice storm over on Chickens in the Road! Knew you had to be from KY! We have also been canning and freezing a lot this year. We have chickens, goats etc.

    Come over for a visit!
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