Monday, August 30, 2010

One Cheap Brooder

I thought I was done with raising baby chickens for this season, but low and behold, a neighbor dropped by yesterday, knowing how I can't turn anything away that needs a home, with one baby chick. It seems his Mom had a hen to hatch off only one, and she didn't care to work with just the one chick. The son doesn't even have chickens. Some of his family do, but not him, so why he offered to take it in the first place is beyond me.None the less, I ended up with the the chick. We had just went through the setting process with our second hen this season, and she had no luck hatching any babies, so we gave up on her and broke up her nest.I thought perhaps,she might take in the orphaned chick, but Pop said it had been too long, and she wouldn't accept it now.If She had still been on the nest setting,maybe she would have.Hence, I needed to come up with a brooder for the one baby chick. The neighbor couldn't stand the constant cheeping. That's why he gave it to me. Now I must find a way to keep it from driving me insane with the constant cheeping.I knew I needed to keep it close at hand,since I was to be it's sole caregiver, and I really didn't need another chore.I had a huge glass canister that wasn't being used at the moment, so I put it in that. I put paper down, since it kept slipping and sliding on the glass bottom. I gave it a little cornbread from supper last night.I put a jar top in filled with water ,a thermometer, and now I needed a "Mother Hen" for it to snuggle under. Wah lah! The feather duster.A perfect Mother. It slept quietly all night under one small light over the counter. No cheeping all night.Now I need to come up with a name. The grand children had already gone home by the time the neighbor brought the chick by, so they will be Sooooo Happy!They love babies of any kind. Now I only wish he had had two chicks.One for each grandchild.

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  1. Cute chick! Maybe both grandkids will spoil it.