Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trying Something New!

As I've mentioned in the past, my Mother's people are all in Louisiana. A few weeks ago, they visited our family here in Kentucky,as they do about every year.They have been doing that for awhile, especially now that many of the older family members have died, and many of the remaining family are getting much older.When visiting them, on occasion, we had the opportunity to eat fig preserves. Pop and I both love them, but as you know, they don't grow in Kentucky. At least, we have never had any luck with them.Nevertheless, we asked the family to try and locate some figs for us on their next trip up.They found a friend who had a gallon in his freezer, that he was willing to send us.I am just now getting around to taking them from the freezer and attempting to make the preserves.I looked up the directions on the Internet, but of course, being me, I wanted to try it my way.I read the recipe over and then proceeded to get the job done as close to their way as I could. It said to soak the figs overnight in sugar, which I did.Then after they had made the sugary juice, to boil the juice,or syrup,which I did,then I added the figs and boiled awhile longer. I let them set for awhile till they soaked up some of the syrup and began to appear a little glassy.Next step was to put them in my sterilized jars, and seal them with my newly found reusable lids from Tattler.I learned about them on one of the blogs,possibly Down-To-Earth,I'll have to check, and ordered some to try.So far, I am well pleased with them. You're suppose to be able to use the rubber rings several times, before they need to be replaced, then they are $2.50 a dozen to order more rubber rings. The flats are suppose to last forever.Nevertheless, I had three 1/2 pints of figs, and two 1/2 pints of jelly, plus a couple of samples left for me and Pop to try with tomorrows breakfast.We'll splurge tomorrow.We had dry cereal for breakfast today.Pop never ate dry cereal before, in his life, until he went on that fishing trip to Graham's Lake with Cousin Keith. Keith is a little more health conscious, and keeps only healthy food around.Now Pop and I will eat an occasional bowl of cereal together. I have always enjoyed cereal.
This was my first try at preserving figs. What I wouldn't give for a fig tree of my own that would bear.I may do some research to see if it is even possible for them to grow in Kentucky.Maybe I could pot it up and move it into the basement during the winter.We'll see!


  1. These preserves sound really delish, Sawn. And thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on so many of the entries. No, I don't paint, that was just a painting I found on the Internet that went along with the poem The Red Wheelbarrow that I featured that day. I do love my cats, and they bring joy and laughter to me as well. I love just about any type of animal, but cats are one of my favorites. they're all rescues or from the Humane Society, and such great company for me. thanks again for visiting my blog, and for all of your great comments, I love comments! LOL - take care, from Fayette Co, soon to be Casey Co! LOL

  2. These do sound really wonderful. I don't know about growing figs around here.

  3. When we first moved here(North Texas) I planted 2 fig trees. They didn't do to well. I lost one but the other came back from the root stock. (Walmart buy) Last year we planted another (nursery buy) & it is doing well enough to give me a few figs this year. I think it makes a difference who you buy from!!! I know figs do well here as I see them in the older parts of town. Big trees maybe 8 to 10 ft. tall by 5 to 8 ft. wide. The area I live in was founded by Check people so you see a lot of food type trees here.
    I saw the tattler canning lids profiled in the http://www.backwoodshome.com/ magazine & Jackie Clay thinks they are great. I haven't tried them yet. What did you think?
    Jackie has written a canning guide that I am seriously thinking about buying, she knows so many things that the Ball & Kerr don't even tell you about!
    Anyway, enough!
    If I ever get enough figs to make it worth while I will ship you some.