Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mams Goes to the Hospital.

Not the greatest picture of Mams, but this was taken at Christmas of 09 at the older daughter's home.(Mams is on the far left.)
Mams is Pop's ex-wife, the mother of his two daughters. She had to have surgery since she had 98-99% blockage in both sides of her carotid arteries.She came through the surgery fairly well, considering a lot of other problems she has, and her age didn't help either. I think she is about 4 years older than myself, and I know I am beginning to have a few minor problems brought on by age.Nevertheless, she was doing good, so we all thought, but yesterday,the older daughter, called to check on her and ended up going to the house.She was somewhat incoherent, and non responsive.The daughter flagged down a policeman and told him what was happening,so he followed her to the emergency room with her Mom.The younger daughter, being a nurse was already there, on duty.We all rushed up to the hospital, to be with the girls, and help with the grandchildren, if necessary.They run some test right then, suspecting a blood clot or another stroke, but neither seemed to be the case.A bit later, they had concluded it was a blood infection of some sort. She remains there at the hospital,still, and I am sure they will be doing a few more tests.We are all just waiting to hear more.

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  1. OMGoodness - I hope that she's going to be alright. I'll keep her in my prayers. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I now know about 4 other women from KY who have blogs - Yay! KY girls!!! I'll be stopping by to see how things are going with you in the future. Hope you are able to withstand this heat we're having today - it's brutal out there! Take care, from Lexington.