Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Could I Be Obsessive Compulsive?

This is a very hard post to write and an even harder to admit to the world, but hopefully it will help me understand it, by me admitting to having such a condition.
I see and hear and read a lot about this condition, but who in their right mind would ever admit to having it. I think I might. When I try to figure out my problem, it always comes back to this same conclusion. I admit,I am a collector,and possibly a hoarder.I don't like admitting to that either, but it appears that is exactly what I am. I do believe it is a sickness. Not something that can be fixed by someone else entering into your home and demanding that you get rid of all your precious "stuff".What does that do, but make bad matters worse. I cherish my things, even though I have way too many. I have tried to minimize my collections, to no avail.I do not know why a person collects what they do. I wish I did. It is really foolish, the things I do collect.I collect cups for one. No rhyme nor reason, just cups. I love cups with sayings that strike a chord in me.I love pretty cups. I love to collect sets of two matching cups.(One for me and one for Pop, if he would use it when we drink our morning or evening cup of coffee, during our quiet time together,but he won't.Just a fantasy I've always had of us drinking our coffee in our matching cups.)I use a lot of cups, since we have a lot of coffee drinkers most days.I like real cups to serve my friends.A styrofoam cup seems so impersonal.That's how the cup thing got started. I have built a cupboard just for my cups,but it is still a work in progress. Hopefully when Winter sets in, and I am couped up in the house, I will finish it.By making this cupboard for my cups, and keeping most of them together in one place, I feel a little more in control. I can see my cup collection, as just that, and not as an illness.


  1. Hi, there is nothing wrong, it is something you enjoy doing and cups are pretty to collect! Did roger sell the flower shop, we hear he did! I better get back to work on my projects, catch you later.

  2. Yes, he sold it to Donna.I hope it continues to do well for her.Our little town needs to keep our florist.I'm just glad someone local bought it.

  3. Well, my girls say I'm OCD.
    I do collect many things and cups are one of the many. Hankies, linens, teapots, plates and especially lamps, just to name a few. I was thinking of opening an Etsy Shop to sell some of my stuff just so I can collect more. I love old things, they have a personality.
    I think I got the collecting bug from my parents. They collected old clocks. All 6 of my brothers and sisters collect things. We don't think it's odd at all.
    If you enjoy collecting it then I see no problem.