Wednesday, August 25, 2010

They're Off To The Flea Market Again!

Today is Wednesday,Flea Market Day. Pop loves to go and socialize
with all the locals.He never buys much,just visits and
talks.He meets with his oldest daughter,Rhonda, and
occasionally Cousin Larry, for breakfast. Rhonda is between
jobs, so she has a little more time to spend with Pop.She
is taking night classes to refresh her teaching degree, in
hopes of using that part of her education. As for me, the
weather is a little cooler, mornings and evenings,for awhile,
so I'll most likely, be in the yard,mowing,trimming,mulching,and
weeding.Pop says I should have been a mole.I am in my element there.

I have a few apples this year. Last year,we had none.I don't know if
the frost,or my pruning my tree during the wrong time of the season
was to blame,but nevertheless,it didn't bare at all.I don't really
need the apples this year, but I hate to see them all go to the deer.
They come during the night,and eat some, then the local hunters come
and get more to feed them to draw them in during hunting season.Some
of the apples are always really nice, even though I don't spray they
during the time they need to be sprayed.We try, but we don't really know
exactly what or when to spray.I may put a few slices in the freezer.
Pop likes fried apples with cornbread on occasion.He would love fried
apple pies, but I haven't mastered them yet. I do fix them, but they
just don't turn out to suit me, so I hate fixing them at all. They
taste alright, but they never look like the ones our Grandmothers or
various ladies in our past use to make.The art of making fried apple
pies has always intrigued me, but I just can't get the hang of it.I
hate using canned biscuits for the crust. It works OK.Some use them
and get great results,but mine always turn out short of my expectations.
I guess I need to take a class on Making Fried Apple Pies. Maybe
someone has a Tutorial on it?

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