Monday, August 2, 2010

How Can Anyone Not Love Cats?

I guess I understand, to a point,as in my Mom's case, how you could hate cats.The only thing she knows about cats is that they do their business in whatever loose materials they can find. In Mom's area, it seems the only loose material is her mulch around her flowers. Mom takes great pride in her yard. Even though she is 84, she still is very active in keeping her yard neat. She hires it mowed whenever it begins to look the least bit shaggy. She keeps check on everything that needs painting.She is for ever painting something. She never cared for flowers until Dad passed away. I suppose she did it more for the need for something to do than anything else, as she did the quilting.Two things she never had time for or cared for in all the years she was raising nine children.I guess if you have nine children to raise, you probably don't have energy for much else.
I am now retired, and have a little more time to enjoy some things that I use to see as another job. Taking care of another beings needs was not what I needed all the years I worked. With all the responsibilities I already had, my entire life, I had no patience for the extra work that having pets would bring.Now it is such a joy to have my two cats lay by my side sound asleep, while I do my work. There is nothing more lovable than a cat.We have a male,Lucky,and now a female,Minnie.We found both kittens.One on the busy street in the middle of town, and the other in a sink hole on our property. Right away, we had them both neutered, so as not to have more unwanted kittens.We have grown to love these two cats, but need no more.The grandchildren will have lots of days entertainment loving on Lucky and Minnie. They do love cats, as do most children.

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  1. good i will send you lowey, she is a long haired black cat with a white bib, that is where the pretty stops. at 1.30 am she squauks, at 3.30 am she squauks, at 5 she squauks, etc etc. she poohs inside even when the door is open, she eats too fast then throws up, she is not affectionate, doesnt like being picked up or patted. please take her